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Toni (Antonia) Helesic was utterly surprised to find herself inside a human body, when she entered this world on 28 October 1995 in Germany. Actually, she is a cat. A cat inside a human body. What an opportunity to enjoy a human experience! She tries to get everything she can out if this experience. Therefore, she goes on a lot of adventures, both in the outside and inside world, traveling the world and the mind.

She started telling the most fantastic stories and dreams since she could talk, and started putting her imaginations on paper as soon as she could draw and write.

Still today, writing and drawing belong to her deepest passions. Even if she doesn’t always take time to commit them to paper, she is still constantly writing stories or drawing images in her head. She also enjoys reading, photography, cooking, baking and playing the piano and violin every now and then.

At the moment, she is studying Social Anthropology in Germany, which she absolutely loves for its mind-expanding and astonishing concepts and theories. She loves to immerse herself in alternative ideas and languages inside of fictional and academic literature, as well as during longer stays in other countries. So far, she has lived in England (11 months), Tanzania (10 months), Peru (4 months) and Vietnam (3 months). She has also been to Guatemala, Colombia, India and some European countries for stays shorter than six weeks. She loves to share her experiences in photography and blog posts.

Of special anthropological interest to her are Visual, Medical and Environmental Anthropology and the regions of South and Southeast Asia as well as Africa. However, she is passionate about nearly everything there is to Anthropology.

Toni perceives the Universe to be an all-encompassing energy of love, connecting everything in a beautiful play (though sometimes, of course, this play also has dark parts). Yoga and meditation help her to stay connected with that energy and with herself (which is really the same, according to her philosophy). Hence she tries to do yoga and meditate everyday.

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