Poetry can tell life-long stories in very few words. Sometimes, it expresses so much more than a long article could explain.

Old Paper Heart

Poetry |

Love is a Butterfly
tickling your nose.
Love is a Stone Buddah
clutching your Heart.
Love is an easter Fire
consuming every cell of your Body.
it is gentle and rough …


Poetry |

all of us are
the temple of
a part of one consciousness.
we have been given
the mission
to nurture
to caress …


Poetry |

creeps into the heart like
ants into a house full of fruits
is naive and wise
at the same time
doesn’t know
time or space
neither borders nor expectations …

Nothing Like Suffering

Poetry |

i feel like my battery suddenly died
without warning me
and i have no energy left to go one step further
i feel ill in my soul
i need to recharge
but i don’t know where and how
resting in my bed sucks even more energy out …


Poetry |

the way you embrace me with
your warm, comfy hug,
the way you nourish me with
your abundance of water, fruits and medicine,
the way you show me your beauty:
your towering magnitude,
your countless colours, …


Poetry |

is feeling light around your
and in your
hovering in an equilibrium,
abandoning euphoria and misery …