Inka Jungle Trail to Machu Picchu Photo Gallery

Photography |

Two weeks ago, I hiked the Inka Jungle Trail to Machu Picchu (“old mountain” in Quechua) with my compañeros (fellow students). Recognized by UNESCO for its outstanding cultural heritage, this ancient and holy Inka city is very impressive with its temples, terraces, and rock formations. It is situated at 2,430 m above sea level in a beautiful tropical mountain forest. Still, I actually enjoyed the hiking more for its fascinating jungle and our hiking group. Moreover, we got the chance to do zip-lining, wild water rafting and biking, though I didn’t capture those moments. If you ever visit Peru, you should definitely check out the Inka Jungle Trail (rather then the actual Inka Trail, as it’s cheaper and more exciting)! For more info on Machu Picchu, refer to this page.

Camera: Lumix G2 (Panasonic DMC-G2)