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san pedro ceremony.
san pedro (“wachuma”) is a medicine used by shamans in the andes and the amazon jungle. is is a cactus that is cooked for around 4 hours in a ritual setting to extract its mescaline. often misunderstood in the western world, it is a powerful medicine to heal physical and mental diseases. its psychoactive, euphoric effects helps the patient to see the world with more physical awareness, clarity and connection to the Universe.


two weeks ago, i hiked the inka jungle trail to machu picchu (“old mountain” in quechua) with my compañeros (fellow students). recognized by unesco for its outstanding cultural heritage, this ancient and holy inka city is very impressive with its temples, terraces, and rock formations. it is situated at 2,430 m above sea level in a beautiful tropical mountain forest. still, i actually enjoyed the hiking more for its fascinating jungle and our hiking group.


after my trip to machu picchu, i’ve been to arequipa with my fellow students. situated between volcanoes, this artsy, vibrant and historically rich city really stole my heart. its mix of native and european architecture, awesome restaurants and love for culture made me enjoy every second of it. the climate was sunny, dry and warm, we had the best guide ever on a free walking tour, they have a shop and café all about chocolate, and i ate the best food i’ve had so far in peru: a veggie curry, my absolute favourite. what more could you ask for?!


puerto maldonado is a lovable little city in the south-eastern jungle of peru, located at the rivers madre de dios and tambopata near bolivia and manu national park. its climate is humid and warm, its biodiversity is magnitude. i instantly felt in the right place.

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